AUIDI HSS MRC presentation


AUDI HSS Match Race Center is a subdivision of the HSS Sailing Club that is dedicated to providing the best training and equipment to ensure that all our members can benefit. Match Racing, although a separate discipline within the sport of sailing, can be seen as a refinement of fleet racing tactics and techniques. In a unique one-on-one playing field, tactics can prove superior to boat speed, boat handling can trump the rule book and one gust of wind can mean the difference between victory and defeat.


Here at the MRC, we have a six boat fleet of Elliott 6 sports boats which, in 2012, will debut in the Olympic Match Racing circuit. These boats are meticulously maintained to ensure a fair ground of one design perfection where every boat sails high and fast. As well as providing top notch equipment, HSS Match Race Center also has a highly skilled team working around the clock to ensure that whether you are an Olympic level sailor or just a beginner, the training and organisation you receive is the absolute best.

The Audi Match Race Center is located on an island (Liuskasaari, 60°09.077'N 24°56.873'E) near downtown Helsinki. To travel there, catch the Metro to Kamppi/Kampen then the number 14 bus bound for Eira. At the end of the bus route is a regular ferry that runs from HSS to the mainland (2minute trip).